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Hoje de manhã (2ª-feira, 4/6) teve a Audiência Pública das Escolas Bilíngues para Surdos no RS na Assembleia Legislativa. Os surdos da banca falaram em LIBRAS e os ouvintes, em alto e bom português. As intérpretes tornaram o evento acessível … Continue reading

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Deafness – differences and goals / Surdez – diferenças e objetivos

After I got graduated, the time I used to spend with study disappeared. I had to fill it again with other kinds of activities and I picked Brazilian Sign Language (also known as LIBRAS) to keep me a little busy. … Continue reading

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Hello everyone. Hope you’re doing fine. I am, thanks. It has been quite a long time that I haven’t posted anything in here, so it calls for some updates. Let me see from where I should start. Heh, last post … Continue reading

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Hiking / Trilha

After June 22nd, we had our final official trip with other Oranim groups, Eilat was our destination for three days. The Ramla, Ashdod, Kfar Masaryk and Tel Aviv groups had the opportunity to hike in the desert of Machtesh, in … Continue reading

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June, 2nd part, part one – Pancakes at the pool; Junho, 2a parte – panquecas na piscina

On June 22nd, we had an Enrichment Activity out of the moadon (a gathering place), it happened at the swimming pool to celebrate its opening, because it’s finally summer! At the beginning, around 3pm, Mari and I were in charge … Continue reading

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Junho, parte 1 / June, 1st part

After the Enrichment activity of the last post, the Oranim groups met once again on June 2nd, for a trip around Haifa and its surroundings. We first visited Caesarea, a city that King Herod named after Julius Caesar, his patron. … Continue reading

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Today’s enrichment activity: questions / Atividade de enriquecimento de hoje: questionamentos

Hoje a atividade foi bem diferente, foi uma discussão sobre tópicos israelenses. Lemos 7 perguntas e debatemos 2 delas rapidamente. As questões foram: 1) Parada do Orgulho Gay em Jerusalém. Há alguma justificativa para fazer uma parada tão polêmica em … Continue reading

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May updates / Atualizações de maio

Hello everybody, how are you doing? This semester contains a lot of chags (holidays) in Israel. Only in May, we have had Yom HaShoa (as described in a previous post, May 2nd), Yom Hazikaron (9th), Yom HaAtma’ut (10th) and Lag … Continue reading

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Yom HaShoa – a história de um sobrevivente do Holocausto / the story of a Holocaust survivor

Shalom leculam (hello everybody). This week in Israel is all about Yom HaShoa, the Holocaust Day. Yom HaShoa happened officially this Monday, May 2nd. It is a remembrance day regarding everyone that died in the Holocaust. Monday, May 2nd – … Continue reading

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Pessach, 1 week vacations, “new” job, plans? / Pessach, 1 semana de folga, trabalho “novo”, planos?

I am writing 2 weeks after the last post. My first objective when I decided to come to Israel was to travel and work at the same time, to do something related to my field of study, Agronomy. For that, … Continue reading

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